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Talmage Research Internship

A 10-week internship in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at BYU for domestic and international students.

2024 TRI: 21 May - 30 July

BYU Chemistry Research for Visiting Undergraduates

Purpose of Talmage Research Internship (TRI)

The purpose of the TRI is to be a gateway to graduate school at BYU.


TRI offer the opportunity for 10 weeks to perform high-impact research in a laboratory of your choice at Brigham Young University. Research areas include biochemistry, organic, physical, analytical, inorganic, and theoretical chemistry. Many labs also offer the potential for crossover research in the areas of energy, materials, catalysis, and cancer. Interns will be trained using state-of-the-art equipment and novel instrumentation, for example, ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry, low temperature adiabatic calorimetry, ultra-high vacuum for temperature programmed reaction spectroscopy, and supercomputers.

TRI fulfills capstone/internship requirements at undergraduate universities. Talmage interns are often contributing co-authors on peer-reviewed publications.

10-Week Overview

  • Each week interns perform research in state-of-the-art laboratories under the direction of a chemistry or biochemistry faculty member
  • Participate in workshops to develop effective communication, and team interactions, and deliver scientific presentations
  • Visits to chemical and biochemical companies
  • Hiking, rafting, and camping trips 


  • Non-BYU Provo student
  • Commit to live in Provo and work full time with no other job or schooling (this is a full-time internship)
  • Chemistry, biochemistry, or related major completing second or third year with anticipation of graduation within 12-24 months (seniors will also be considered if you have made contact with a chemistry faculty member)
  • Complete the online application (see below), which will include providing email addresses for two science professors (preferably chemistry) to complete a recommendation form
  • Commit to living the Honor Code


  • $6,000 stipend
  • Housing stipend


Deadline: 15 January 2024

Non-US citizens can apply only for the Talmage internship

The following will be required for your application:

  • Created BYU NetID
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  • Official or unofficial college transcript.
  • Email contact information for two chemistry professors. After you enter their information they will automatically be contacted for a reference.
  • Describe your long-term academic and career goals (100 words or less).
  • Describe your expectations from the Talmage program, and how you will use your experiences to reach your long-term goals (100 words or less).
  • List any honors, prizes, publications, or additional information about yourself that you feel would be helpful in evaluating your application.

By clicking continue, you verify that you have completed the above requirements.



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Professor Joshua Price (