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Talmage Participants

Liahona Angelie

Undergraduate Institution: BYU-Hawaii

Faculty Advisor: Professor Andruss

Research: We worked on synthesizing chiral auxiliaries from L-phenylalanine for Intramolecular Styryl Diels Alder (ISDA) reactions.

Rebecca Burlett

Undergraduate Institution: Southern Virginia University

Faculty Advisor: Professor Price (JC)

Research: This past summer I worked in the JC Price lab on method development of muscle proteomics. I worked on creating and updating protocols for sample pulverization and preparation for the mass spectrometer. I then analyzed the data collected for protein turnover rates and concentrations of the muscles.

Paul Roberts

Undergraduate Institution: Utah State University

Faculty Advisor: Professor Paxton

Research: This summer I worked on making hybrid polymer vesicles for use as micro-sized drug delivery vehicles. Once vesicles were created, worked to make them pH responsive to ensure they deliver their cargo under desired pH environments. This allows for greater specificity when delivering therapeutics such as chemo therapies.

Maliea Holden

Undergraduate Institution: Dixie State University

Faculty Advisor: Professor Hansen

Research: My summer research centered on improving the conversion of biomass into biofuels by method of anaerobic digestion.